EnquireLabs changelog
EnquireLabs changelog

Daasity Integration





Our new integration with Daasity allows you to push your EnquireLabs question data to Daasity for advanced modeling and reporting. Set up simply requires you to input your Daasity API key into the Daasity settings on your EnquireLabs Integrations page.

Alloy Automation Integration





New integration, Alloy Automation, useful for users who don't have access to Shopify Flow (which is a Shopify Plus feature) or for Plus merchants who want extensive automation capabilities with their survey data. Best analogy for Alloy is Zapier for Ecommerce.

With Alloy, you can:

  • Trigger Slack messages with your survey responses
  • Tag customers or orders with your survey responses
  • Trigger Klaviyo to send a discount code when a user answers a survey and is a loyal customer

Options are endless. For special pricing, send us a message in the chat.

Response Clarification





Today we're officially bringing Response Clarification out of beta! This feature allows you to ask a multiple choice or open-ended follow up question based on your customers' response. For example, if they choose influencer, follow up with which one?.

For more information, view our documentation.

Response Clarification is on our $60 a month plan. To access the feature, click your account page and upgrade!

New UI





Today we're starting to roll out new UI enhancements. You'll see the update on your analytics dashboard. Additional improvements to follow!

Analytics Query Speed Update





🏎 Your analytics query is now faster! We rewrote the query that pulls your data into your analytics dashboard. We'll be rolling out more updates in Q1 to speed this up even more.

Landing Page Data





We now capture landing page data allowing you to compare survey response data to which page the user landed on during their purchase session. This is useful when analyzing podcast advertising performance and other hard to measure media formats.

We're working on capturing data on all orders so you can see the delta between orders with responses and those without.


Response Clarification


Beta Launch



Excited to rollout the beta of what we're referring to as Response Clarification. This feature allows you to ask a follow up question after your initial question. Follow up questions can be in the form of multiple choice or open-ended.

If you're interested in using this beta feature, let me know in the chat or at [email protected] This feature is going on our $60/month Pro plan.

response clarification beta.png

Carthook Integration





You can now embed your Enquire post-purchase survey on your Carthook order confirmation page. Simply head over to your integrations and enable.

Carthook is a tool that allows you to optimize your checkout flow and add sell-ups post-purchase. If you're looking to notably increase your conversion rate or AOV, I'd suggest you check it out: carthook.com

Export CSV by date range





We've vastly improved Enquire's export capabilities, most notably giving you the ability to export by date range (a feature many of you have asked for).

We also created a simple selector allowing you to export only the columns you need.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 7.49.13 PM.png

Sort Responses Page by Source





For customers using our Recharge integration, you can now sort the responses page by source to show survey responses from customers who are subscribing vs. making a one-time purchase. We also cleaned up the UI of the filters.